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Our Team

What Say Our CEO

“President CEO of International Bank of Commerce, Laredo, Texas, Chairman, International Bancshares Corporation

As the principal architect behind the unprecedented growth of International Bancshares Corporation and International Bank of Commerce, Dennis E. Nixon is widely recognized as one of the nation's leading banking authorities and executives. Since joining IBC in 1975, Nixon has been instrumental in International Bancshares Corporation's ranking as the largest minority-founded bank organization in the United States, one of the largest independent banks in Texas and Oklahoma. Nixon's knowledge in all areas of banking was pivotal in the development of IBC's extensive acquisition and expansion efforts. The IBC family of banks has assets of $11.9 billion with 189 full-service branches and 287 ATMs throughout the 89 communities in Texas and Oklahoma that IBC serves.
Dennis E. Nixon

Our Professional Teams

Imelda Navarro


Edward Farias

Executive Vice President

Guillermo Garcia

Executive Vice President,

Rosalinda Ramirez

Executive Vice President

Dalia F. Martinez

Executive Vice President - Operations

Gerardo (Gerald) Schwebel

Executive Vice President, Corporate International Division

Nativido Lozano

Executive Vice President, International Department

Eliza Gonzalez

Executive Vice President Corporate Divisions